WOW - Workout of the Week

A full body interval circuit designed to test you physically and mentally. This format is a great tool to generate a little intra-club competition, with completion times posted online or on the blackboard. It also serves as a landmark for your own fitness and strength goals.


Our facility is set up for either outdoor or indoor training and we make full use of this in our circuit sessions. A no holds barred approach to interval training, you WILL be pushed. Come prepared to sweat.


Need your boxing/circuit fix a little earlier? Try our 5:30am Express class, a jam packed 30min high intensity circuit and boxing session. You will be thirsty and sweaty by the end of this one!


Got a bub? Looking after a little one? Or just in between school drop o and pick up. We have a quick fitness fix for Mum’s on the go. Press play for 45mins in our fit fast circuit. Bassinets and pushchairs welcomed.


Does monkey bars, tyre flipping, sledgehammers, weighted sleds, weighted vests and grandstand stairs sound appealing? Then apart from being a little twisted you are exactly what is required to get through our Saturday morning wake-up call. Set your alarm for beast mode.

Power YOGA

Focusing on building strength, balance and flexibility, Power Yoga is a dynamic flow of poses that keeps your practice varied and super fun! Power Yoga is much more than just a physical workout: it creates energy, vitality and freedom for the body and mind. Our classes are challenging and rewarding: arm balances, inversions and back bends are essential to a Power class. With regular practice you will make rapid progress and we are certain you will begin to feel the benefits of yoga in all areas of your life. Not only will Power Yoga help you achieve a beautiful body, but it will help develop a beautiful mind. It allows us to find peace in the hurly-burly of urban life and become a calmer, healthier and happier person.


LSD is a sweet, deep and often profound practice. Integrated in active holds is a meditative awareness of breath, mindfulness and presence. This more quiet and still practice helps to tap into intuition and deep listening. The class helps to target deeper connective tissues especially around the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Perfect for athletes, corporates, students, parents – anyone coping with emotional or physical stress, is time-poor or spends hours sitting at a desk or car. An active compliment to a Power Yoga practice, take time to just be.


A Kettlebell workout for the purists. Taught to all levels, no one goes home feeling like they could do a little more. Kettlebells are one the oldest forms of strength and conditioning tools, predating most western forms of training. Our modern day workouts have borrowed training techniques used by generations of kettlebell enthusiasts.


Want roll with the big guns of the Australian Sport of KettleBells, Saturday @ 9am see’s a class with world class credentials. Warning: This is not for faint of heart but all levels are welcome you will go home sore and with a new found obsession, the class will usually convene over post workout coffees to discuss all things Kettlebells. 


Our boxing circuits are not just boxercise, but a combination of real techniques and hardcore conditioning and all taught by trainers who aren’t afraid to back it up in the ring. Try it once you’ll be hooked.

BoxTech (6pm Tues)

Want a little more than a boxing class, our Box Tech session will give you more contact than your used to in a boxing class and leave you with a taste for our favourite Science. Gents beware the Ladies come ready to rumble. Mouth guards essential attitudes are not.


No holds barred no apologises made. 40mins of GO, this is a serious circuit made for serious people, with a serious need to push, push, push themselves just that little bit harder, faster, further every 3mins.

Mobility +

If you have been in full throttle mode, with training or at work chances are you will need to unwind and loosen the tension. Mobility + is a system designed to help put the balance back into left and right. 

Our modern working environments can have a negative effect on range of motion over a 45mins period we will help you recover some of those lost ranges.


Yin Yoga is the ideal balance to your Power practice. This deeply introspective style places you in poses for 3-7 minutes, allowing the fascia: tendons and ligaments, to stress and release, protecting the joints from atrophy and allowing the muscles to strengthen and stretch more. The challenge of this practice is to be still, to spend time with yourself and get to know you body, mind and breath on an intense level. Perfect for those who are stiff, athletic or just need some time to go within, let the body open and nurture from the inside out.